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About Us

Happy Community Builders connect, share, and co-create in a sandbox of ideas. In this sandbox, community builders can improve their performance today, while empowering their vision to change tomorrow.

Happy Community Builders  enables us to go beyond reactive behavior so we can envision new possibilities for community’s place in our society.

We co-create new ways of building inclusive, connected, belonging and caring communities.”


For example: People who did not know each other have come together around a specific idea such as isolation or intergenerational connections and put their magic together to create a brilliant process that can be used in any community.

Why Be Part of Happy Community Builders?

Meet Others Around the World Just Like You

Once a month - Share ideas about all things community in Coffee Connections.

Every day - Connect with other Happy Community Builders in Groups, by chat or video

Workshops - Learn from other Happy Community Builders who share their expertise.

Meet people from around the world who are working to make happier communities.

Co-Create some powerful magic: Get involved in a group and combine your magic with theirs to create something even more powerful.

Be Part of Something Big

We have a dream. Our dream is that Community Builders from around the world come play together, and together, we can connect, shift perspectives, and co-create so that happy communities flourish.

Together, we can help put humanity on a happier path while supporting each other in our individual work..

Be Inspired

Every day, there are new ideas showing up on Happy Community Builders. There are conversations, workshops, articles, podcasts, and special interest groups.

Join in and contribute and discover how other community builders are sharing their experiences, wisdom and ideas

Access the Wisdom and Experience of Others

 Together, we have hundreds of years of experience in every kind of conceivable community building. As a member of Happy Community Builders, you get to share in this experience. 

Some of the resources you will find


  • Marketing - an ethical way to build awareness
  • How to create real change in community
  • How to make presentations that persuade
  • How to build happier communities
  • Prosocial - a tool for creating consensus
  • Importance of Intergenerational conversations
  • Integrating criminals in to community (coming soon)
  • The Secrets to attracting volunteers


  • Stone Soup for Getting people out of isolation
  • Creating Intergenerational connections
  • 13 Grandmother moons talking circle - First nation and non aboriginals talking together
  • Happy Community Builders development

Library and articles

  • Great finds that support community builders

Regular Conversations

  • Monthly Coffee Connections where inspiring ideas are shared
  • Group chats 
  • Talking Circles

And best of all, you can reach out to individuals who have specialized expertise and start a conversation. 

We Help Each Other

There are incredible people at the Happy Community Builders. Almost any situation you have run into, someone else has as well and is willing to support you while you deal with it. At Happy Community Builders, our nature is to care.

We care about and for each other.

We Practice what we preach

  •     We welcome difference - It makes us richer
  •      We connect with each other -It makes us stronger
  •     We belong to a community that supports each other
  •     We care about each others success and support them in achieving it
  •     We share our resources so that each of us has enough to succeed
  •     We co-create new ways of solving problems

Who Belongs in Happy Community Builders

You Belong IF

In your own way, you are making your community a more connected, belonging and caring community. 

  And you want to be part of something bigger. 

What does it cost to be a member of        Happy Community Builders?

> We do need money to cover all the costs. 

Try us out free for 30 days

>You will get more out of Happy Community Builders if you pay

People value what they pay for and our experience is that people get much more when they pay. 

Our fees are modest and if you really can't pay, then let us know. We will scholarship you. We value you as a member because of the good work you do in your community. Just send me a note at [email protected]

Choose between an individual plan or a plan for your whole organization

Thank you

By being a member of Happy Community Builders, you are part of a unique community of people who connect, share and care about our collective abilities to make our communities are more socially connected, belonging and caring. Thank you for joining us in our mission to make the world happier by making communities happier.

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